STALOC HT-7 high performance Tungsten-lubricant, SQ-495

Lubricant based on Tungsten sulphide with excellent resistance against compression loads and high temperature. Outstanding dry running lubrication for all parts subject to extreme mechanical stress and thermal impact.

  • extreme resistance against compression loads
  • outstanding dry running lubrication due to high Tungsten concentration
  • extensive working temperature range from -270°C to +650°C
  • excellent creep capability
  • water-repelling and silicone-free
  • UV-resistant
  • corrosion-resistant

physical properties

colour dark grey
temperature resistance -270°C to +650°C

The enduring and protective film ensures a safe and effective long-term lubrication. Suitable for moving and rotating machine parts, hinges and joints, bearings, slide bars, valves, bowden cables, bolts, axles, weapon runs, etc.

Excellent resistance against saltwater, spraywater, light acids and bases, etc.

package size: 500 ml