• high-performance cutting oil with excellent adhesion
  • perfectly suited for drilling, milling, cutting and other mechanical operations
  • cooling and lubricating effect
  • increases the life of tools and machines significantly
  • reduces the risk of damage when using tools

STALOC CMD POWERCUT is an off-white, foam-building high-performance lubricant with excellent adhesion characteristics on all metallic surfaces. It is used for all mechanical operations (drilling, milling, turning, cutting, broaching, etc.) and reduces the risk of tool break.


Its excellent adhesion to surfaces and tools provides for a good lubrication effect, even when rotating speeds of tools are high. The product is free of mineral oils, sulfur and other aggressive additives. Therefore, the product can be mixed with water-based cooling liquids.

STALOC CMD POWERCUT can be used on all metals, alloy and non-alloy steel, castings, copper, all CrNi-alloys and many other materials.

Physical properties

colour off-white

packaging: 400ml spray