anti seize / mounting pastes

STALOC Anti seize products fulfil the highest demands when it comes to quality. STALOC Anti seize products are composed of fine metal particles and a heat-resistant lubricant. Under extreme pressure, this special combination prevents abrasion and galling as well as washing away caused by water, galvanisation and corrosion from road salt, acid rain or salt water.

STALOC Anti seize products are temperature resistant up to +1,426°C.

STALOC Regular Grade Anti Seize, SQ-1400
  • solid matter assembly paste for high compression loads
  • protects against corrosion and seizing
  • temperature range from -180°C to +1.100°C
  • resistant to acid, alkali and salt water

STALOC copper spray, SQ-1000
  • high-performance release and assembly paste
  • prevents seizing
  • resistant against acid, alkali and saltwater
  • temperature range from -30°C to +1.100°C

STALOC Ceramic Compound, SQ-1200
  • high compression resistant, metal-free assembly paste
  • excellent anticorrosive
  • saltwater resistant
  • temerature range from -40°C to +1.400°C
  • ABS-system compatible

STALOC blue moly special lubricant
  • with MoS2 for extremely high compression loads
  • especially suited for stainless steel
  • temperature resistance from -120°C to +815°C
  • excellent lubricating effect
  • prevents abrasion and corrosion