primary anticorrosives

STALOC zinc spray, SQ-800
  • outstanding protection against corrosion
  • can be painted
  • heat resistant to +500°C
  • 95% zinc content in the dry matter

STALOC zinc spray bright, SQ-850
  • for repairing galvanised parts
  • abrasion resistant
  • temperature resistant to +490°C
  • fast drying and can be welded over

STALOC alu spray, SQ-900
  • first-class anticorrosive
  • used to finish aluminum and aluminum-coloured surfaces
  • abrasion resistant and temperature resistant to +800°C

  • abrasion resistant coating for stainless steel
  • for the repair of weld seams (e.g. in ventilation systems, facades and steel construction)
  • temperature resistant to +300°C