transport and warehouse anticorrosives

STALOC Korrotech anticorrosive, SQ-1004
  • Wax-like, colourless anticorrosive for storage and transport preservation
  • excellent adhesion
  • perfectly suited for tooling / mould-conservation, e.g. injection moulds

STALOC Korrotech 2000 high performance protective oil, SQ-1002
  • outstanding lubrication and protection properties
  • water repellent and corrosion inhibiting film with outstanding creep properties
  • excellent protection for weapons
  • protects from corrosion for 1 year
  • 360° spray valve

STALOC Korrotech 3000 high-performance corrosion protection, SQ-1003
  • high-performance, transparent storage and transport preservation
  • enduring, ductile and water repellent protective film
  • excellent for ocean transport of machines and equipment as well as for the outdoor protection of bare parts
  • long-time protection due to self-healing effect
  • protects from corrosion for 2 years