STALOC instant adhesives are single-component, solvent-free high performance adhesives for industrial manufacturing and maintenance.

The adhesives cure within seconds, provide for an excellent moisture resistance, a high impact strength and flexibility, which distinguishes them from many other products on the market.

STALOC anaerobic adhesives are used in many industrial sectors such as in mechanical and plant engineering, maintenance repair operations (MRO), and in military and space applications.

STALOC assembly cleaner 500ml spray

Technical aerosols are an integral component of industrial maintenance and repair operations. No matter whether you need to clean, lubricate or protect - STALOC offers a wide product range of maintenance aerosols for any type of business. Our profound experience, our custom-made product recipes as well as our close link to the customers directly influence the design, development and realization of the STALOC aerosols.

We are fully committed to producing a high product quality whilst maintaining an exceptionally high service level.

STALOC is the Austrian specialist for adhesives technology for all industrial and commercial applications. No matter whether you need a solution for bonding metals, plastics, elastomers, wood, glass, composite- or other high tech materials, STALOC offers individual solutions for professional needs.

Many years of experience in design, production and distribution of chemical products provide that we are a first class partner for the realization of private label products for industrial clients and producers, especially for high-quality spare parts and aftermarket applications.