STALOC DPDM 3000 permanently plastic sealant
  • for sealing engines and bodies, in production and industrial engineering
  • excellent chemical resistance, especially against most synthetic oils, lubricants, gasoline, additives, gases, water, frost protection, etc.
  • temperature resistance from -55°C to +270°C (short term up to 300°C)
  • max. gap filling 0.20 mm
  • unlimited lifetime in closed container
colour red
based on polyurethane
temperature resistance -55°C bis +270°C
max. gap ca. 0.20 mm

STALOC DPDM 3000 permanently plastic sealant is a special polyurethane-based sealant with outstanding adhesion to various substrates. Due to its excellent resistance against high temperatures, mechanical stress and chemical substances the product is perfectly suited for challenging sealing processes between the following materials:

  • metal - metal
  • metal - plastic
  • plastic - plastic

package size: 200ml automatic cartridge / 300ml cartridge