STALOC 2S43 medium-strength threadlocker

Medium-strength, anaerobic adhesive used to secure and seal threads. Disassembly can be realized using normal tools. Can be used on slightly contaminated surfaces (oil, grease, …). Highly resistant against corrosion, vibration, water, gas, various oils, hydrocarbons and many other chemical substances. Outstanding temperature resistance between -55°C up to 200°C. Short-term sealing properties up to 250°C.

  • special product with excellent chemical resistance (tolerates slight oil contamination)
  • cures quickly, even on passive substrates e.g. stainless steel
  • certified according to NSF, DVGW, TZW, GAZ and EN 751-1

physical properties (when liquid)

colour blue / fluorescent under blue light
viscosity 25°C Brookfield RVT
1,700 - 9,000 mPas
max. gap 0.25 mm
max. thread diameter M36

physical properties (when cured)

finger tight after 5-15 min
functional cure time 30 min - 1 Std.
final cure time 1 - 3 Std.
prevail torque ~ 10Nm
breakaway torque ~ 21Nm DIN 54454
temperature resistance -55°C bis +200°C








package size: 50 ml / 250 ml