instant adhesives

STALOC instant adhesives are single-component, solvent-free high performance adhesives for industrial manufacturing and maintenance.

The adhesives cure within seconds, provide for an excellent moisture resistance, a high impact strength and flexibility, which distinguishes them from many other products on the market.

STALOC instant adhesives are used for bonding metals, plastics, elastomers, wood, stone and ceramics. Application temperatures are within a range of -30°C to +80°C, special types even within the extended range from -55°C to +135°C.

STALOC 4S01 instant adhesive
  • fast hardening universal type
  • very extensive range of applications
  • NSF-certified

STALOC 4S06 instant adhesive
  • extremely fast hardening universal type for a wide range of applications
  • with STALOC primer, bonds even hard-to-bond plastics such as PP, PE, silicone and PTFE
  • NSF-certified

STALOC 4S15 instant adhesive
  • because of its viscosity, the product is also suited for bonding porous materials
  • ideal for bonding plastic and wood

STALOC 4S38 instant adhesive
  • especially for applications subject to thermal and mechanical cyclic stressing
  • high temperature, impact and peel resistance

STALOC 4S54 instant adhesive gel
  • outstanding gap bridging
  • does not run
  • can be worked with overhead

STALOC 4S60 instant adhesive, odourless
  • ideal for plastic, metal and elastomers
  • does not bloom (no white edges)
  • odourless

STALOC 4S80 instant adhesive
  • especially for applications subject to thermal and mechanical cyclic stressing
  • high impact and peel resistance, even under dynamic loading

STALOC 4S95 instant adhesive, universal
  • extremely fast hardening
  • wide range of applications

STALOC 4S96 instant adhesive, metal
  • provides the highest strength on pure metal-metal connections
  • very resistant to peel forces, temperatures and vibrations

STALOC 4S99 instant adhesive, hi-temp
  • very high impact, peel and temperature resistance
  • excellent water and moisture resistance

STALOC primer for instant adhesives
  • enables bonding of polyolefins (PE, PP), EPDM, PTFE, silicone and other materials that are difficult to bond
  • is recommended especially in combination with STALOC 4S06 instant adhesive

STALOC activator for instant adhesives
  • used to activate STALOC instant adhesives
  • curing of the adhesive is significantly accelerated, especially with large layer thicknesses
  • use with inactive materials and unfavourable processing conditions