• adflex-technology for extreme loads
  • extremely high elasticity / tensile strength
  • excellent UV- and ageing-resistance
  • Fire and smoke: M1/F1 accreditation (according to standards NF F 16-101 / STM-S 001)
  • excellent resistance against water, saltwater, desalinized water, light acids and bases, various oils, etc.
  • permanently elastic in a range from -40°C to +150°C
  • solvent-free
colour black
basis modified methyl-methacrylate with adflex-technology
temperature resistance -40°C to +150°C
mixing ratio 10:1
tensile strength 200%

STALOC HP-980 structural adhesive is a high-performance structural adhesive for bonded joints requiring high-strength, elasticity, impact resistance as well as resistance against tensile loads and vibrations.

The product is therefore perfectly suited for applications in automotive engineering, structural engineering, facility engineering, naval architecture, wind and solar power stations as well as storefront construction.

package size: 50ml dual-cartridge / 490ml dual-cartridge