STALOC - Golden Star Quality

STALOC High Tech Chemicals for industrial applications

STALOC is specialist for industrial adhesion and sealing applications, being the biggest Austrian brand for anaerobic adhesives like threadlockes, gaskets, retainers, thread sealants, etc.,

More than 30 years of experience and representatives in more than 25 countries in Europe ensure, that STALOC is the ideal supply-side partner for technical  chemical products.

STALOC training and education

We offer intra-company (on-site) trainings and education, custom-made for our clients, in order to ensure that all employees understand their contribution for an outstanding adhesion process quality.

STALOC history
  • 1978 - Foundation of the brand STALOC by Hubert Stankovsky in Switzerland
  • 1979 - Supply to first industrial partners in Austria, management of finance & controlling by Ingeborg Stankovsky
  • 1979 - Start of Austrian activities with anaerobic adhesives as well as anti seize products

STALOC R&D (research and development)

Product-development, -adaptation and -improvement is carried out by qualified technicians and laboratory staff. Moreover, it is application-oriented, in order to fit the customers' needs.

We understand ourselves as being a partner for product- and process development, in order to integrate adhesion-, lubrication-, sealing- and anticorrosion-processes flawlessly into the production, assembly and maintenance operations of our partners.