STALOC R&D (research and development)

Product-development, -adaptation and -improvement is carried out by qualified technicians and laboratory staff. Moreover, it is application-oriented, in order to fit the customers' needs.

We understand ourselves as being a partner for product- and process development, in order to integrate adhesion-, lubrication-, sealing- and anticorrosion-processes flawlessly into the production, assembly and maintenance operations of our partners.

The challenges of manufacturing companies, especially when it comes to adhesion processes are changing permanently, not only regarding the requirement to ensure adhesion between various substrates.

STALOC supports small-, medium-sized and big industrial players, enabling them to tackle the challenges they face concerning technical-chemical processes. Composite materials, special alloys, high strength metal sheets as well as thermoplastic and duroplastic materials are in the center of our activities, in order to prepare for future adhesion challenges.

Testing of our products is usually done in cooperation with our customers, evaluating the actual field of application in addition to a simulation in laboratory trials. This ensures, that before using our products for series production, both client and manufacturer can provide for a qualification of the product for a specific field of application.

Last but not least, we also develop custom-made formulations for our partners, in order to create a best-fit solution for our clients.