STALOC - Golden Star Quality

STALOC High Tech Chemicals for industrial applications

STALOC is specialist for industrial adhesion and sealing applications, being the biggest Austrian brand for anaerobic adhesives like threadlockes, gaskets, retainers, thread sealants, etc.,

More than 30 years of experience and representatives in more than 25 countries in Europe ensure, that STALOC is the ideal supply-side partner for technical  chemical products.

 "First class, OEM-approved quality across our whole product assortment is the secret for our success", says Lukas Stankovsky, CEO of STALOC. The biggest and most well-known companies, especially of the Austrian industry, trust in STALOC as a partner for solving complex tasks when it comes to technical chemical products.

The product assortment consists of the following products:

  • anaerobic adhesives
  • instant adhesives (cyanoacrylates)
  • structural adhesives
  • metal epoxies
  • elastic and viscous plastic adhesives and sealants
  • anti-corrosives for transportation and warehousing
  • technical aerosols

Moreover, STALOC offers a wide range of consulting services in the area of technical chemicals, in order to analyze and define the right product for manufacturing, production, assembly and maintenance processes for every client.

Besides the partnerships with the industry, STALOC also acts as a reliable and indispensable associate in international racing activities. The trustful partnerships with the Manthey Porsche Racing Team as well as with the KTM Factory Racing Team support the success in the International GT Open Championship as well as in the Enduro and Rallye world championships.